Our Team

We come from a variety of disciplines and academic levels, ranging from electrical, software, mechanical, biomedical mechanical engineering, and computer science. We're also worked with human kinetics students to understand human gait and the ergonomics of wearable technologies.

Photo of our engineering team


This exoskeleton is our first foray as students into the field of rehabilitation and orthotics.
Worn around the hip and thigh, it will provide the necessary force for individuals touched by muscle weakness to continue their day to day life unhindered.
Intelligent sensing and software will allow the suit to recognize the wearers movement, and move with them, not against them.

Photo of motor assembly render

Bionics at Work

We've been hard at work since 2017 developing our suit; check out some of the pictures we've snapped along the way!


We're competing in a few competitions in 2019; see them below!

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RESNA Student Design Competition

We're competing in the RESNA Student Design Competition.

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IDEA Student Design Competition

We're competing in the IDeA Student Competition


Our projects would not be possible without the help of our generous sponsors.

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Get in touch

If you'd like to get in touch with our team, feel free to send us an email at bionics@uottawa.ca, or by social media (Facebook link at the bottom of the page)

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